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Mission statement

Provide 100% real time visibility into Supply Chain & Logistics operations
& enable instant decision making thus improving productivity and efficiency.

The Problem

Supply Chains of businesses today
have No end to end visibility

There are a lot of instances
of fraud and manual errors

Companies perform planning with
just 50%-60% accurate ground data

Lots of paperwork which reduces
the overall efficiency

Companies perform planning with
just 50%-60% accurate ground data

The Solution

XChain acts as an interface
which enables end-to-end visibility
throughout supply chain

Reduce fraud & automate a
lot of manual
processes resulting in reduced errors

By connecting all stakeholders,
XChain makes it possible to provide
accurate real-time information

XChain enables intelligent
instant decision making

Why now?

We are living in the world of realtime information, which brings up the need for systems enabling Realtime Decision making

Significantly improved SaaS delivery adoption, which shifts costs from Capital Expenditure (Capex) to Operational Expenditure (Opex)

Move from Capex to Opex makes this technology more attractive to SMBs and other organizations in emerging markets like India which results in increased TAM (Total Addressable Market Size) and increase overall spending

Market Trends

Total SCM Software Market is expected to exceed

End of 2017- $13B (up 11% from 2016)
End of 2021- $19B, a $6B growth led by new technologies, business models

The Journey

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